Joyful destruction

women at party breaking a break free pinata spider

A Little History

Piñata smashing is an ancient symbolic art, traced back hundreds of years to early Chinese, Aztec and Mayan cultures, with similar practices found across the world. Early tribes broke decorated vessels filled with seeds, treats or treasures to commence the new year, bless a bountiful harvest, honor gods, or celebrate a milestone.

When Spaniards brought Catholicism to Mexico, piñatas evolved into a cultural rite representing the mastery of temptation and the deadly sins. These ritualistic and community-based intentions are part of our work; piñatas are personal, iconic, and designed to uplift through celebration with those you hold dearest.

leah haney holding a break free pinata dr. seuss the grinch who stole christmas piñata

Our Story

Leah Haney started making piñatas years ago when she couldn't find what she wanted for her party - a giant pterodactyl.

A paper artist at heart, Leah's life is full of confetti, delighting over quality cardboard, and encouraging everyone to release their stress through a good old-fashioned piñata smash.

We have a small team of artists and dreamers, spreading the joy of piñatas around Colorado and beyond!