Break Free Piñatas

Special occasion and custom piñatas

break free pinatas making a otter piñata

Handmade Specialty and Custom Piñatas

Our piñatas are hand-crafted in Nederland, Colorado using recycled materials, papier-mâché and premium crepe paper. We love to create unique designs, fill them with unusual treats, and watch the joyful destruction!

We delight in bringing the creativity and ritual of piñata-making to our community through custom designs, classes and private workshops.


Holidays & Seasonal

Special Occasions

Baby Showers


Company Events

Upcycled and Gorgeous

Break Free Piñatas are made from repurposed newspaper and cardboard, and decorated with crepe paper. Most piñatas are fully compostable. Fill with biodegradable confetti or dried flowers to make a beautiful earth-friendly piñata!

Piñatas can be destroyed (highly recommended!), or made with a pull-string (trap door) to be re-used.

customizable eco friendly pinata materialscustomizable eco friendly break free pinata materials
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