My Story

The first piñata I ever made was a pterodactyl for my housewarming party. It looked like Pterri from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Creating art and destroying it ceremoniously was surprisingly satisfying. As I started making piñatas for friends, it became a way of expressing their personalities and stories. Piñatas are fun to make, but I especially love watching the joy of breaking them!


Usually associated with Mexico, piñatas are believed to have originated in China. The Chinese piñata was in the shape of an ox or cow to celebrate the New Year, decorated and filled with seeds to bless the upcoming growing season. There were similar early traditions in Aztec and Mayan history, influencing many European and Asian cultures. The word piñata comes from the Italian word “pignatta” which means “pinecone”, and later “earthenware cooking pot”. Piñatas were filled with fruit and other treats, sometimes offered to gods on their birthdays.

The popular Mexican tradition has its roots in Catholicism, with the traditional seven-pointed star representing the seven deadly sins. The destruction of the piñata symbolized overcoming temptation, showered in rewards.

Piñatas today retain their history in marking one’s transition in life, from the end of an era to a new life journey. They can commemorate
a union, new life, or an accomplishment.

Eco-Friendly Design

Break Free Piñatas are made from mostly recycled and repurposed materials. Most un-painted piñatas are fully recyclable or compostable. Old newspapers and cardboard that would normally be thrown away are used for construction. We choose the most eco- and animal-friendly products available. 

Pull-String Option

For young children or pregnant women, a pull-string piñata may be more appropriate than the traditional breakable design. The beating of a beloved character or pet can be confusing (as seen in this heart-warming video), and pull-string is safer.  A trap door is built into the design with ribbons hanging out of it. Only one string opens the door, releasing the candy. The rainbow was made with pull-strings. Please specify this option when ordering. The traditional breakable variety is obviously more fun, so that's the default. 

Why no cartoon or characters?

Cartoon and super hero characters are popular piñata themes, but they are copyright-protected. Many piñatas have been pulled from the shelves, and manufacturers sued, for this reason. This type of piñata is easy to find in stores, but that’s not our style. Break Free Piñatas creates unique designs for the individual. Why buy a Disney © princess or superhero when you can have one that looks like the guest of honor?